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Question 1:

You have installed WebLogic and Forms with a default configuration, which has been tested and determined to be correct.

After creating a basic form in the Forms Builder, you click Run Form to test it. Forms Builder displays an error dialog box with the following message:

FRM-10142: The HTTP Listener is not running on at port 9001. Please start the listener or check your runtime preferences.

What is one action that you can take to resolve this error?

A. Start the Web Logic Administration server.

B. Start the WLS_FORMS managed server.

C. Change the serverURL parameter in formsweb.cfg

D. Start the Oracle HTTP server.

E. Start WebCache.

Correct Answer: B

The WLS managed server WLS_FORMS must be started.

Question 2:

View the Exhibit.

You are attempting to drag the Control and CV_Order objects to an object group as shown in the Exhibit, but you are unable to release them in the Object Group Children node of the object group.

What is the reason for this?

A. You cannot drag a canvas to an object group.

B. You cannot drag a block to an object group.

C. You need separate object groups for different types of objects.

D. You cannot drag multiple types of objects to an object group at the same time.

E. You should drag them to the ObjectGroup96 node, not to its Object Group Children node.

Correct Answer: C

See 5) below.


Object Groups

An object group is a logical container for a set of Forms Builder objects. You need to define an object group when you want to package related objects for copying or subclassing in another module or if you want to bundle numerous objects

into higher-level building blocks that you can use again in another application. You can package the various objects in an object group and copy the entire bundle in one operation.

Steps to create an object group


Select the Object Group node in the Object Navigator.


Select the Create icon.


Rename the new object group that is displayed.


Click the form module and expand all the nodes.


Select all the objects of one type that you want to include in the object group.


Drag the selected objects into the new object group entry.

Key notes about object groups

Including a block in an object group also includes its items, the item-level triggers, the block-level triggers and the relations. You cannot use any of these objects in an object group without the block.

It is not possible to include another object group.

Deleting an object from a module automatically deletes the object from the object group. Deleting an object group from a module does not delete the objects it contains from the module.

Question 3:

In the Orders form, users often have a need to return to the first record. Because there are many employee records, it may take a long time for them to scroll up to the first record, so you create a button with the label First Record.

When users click the first Record button, you want to display your own custom message instead of the system message “FRM-40100: At first record.”

The system message should be displayed in other cases when users attempt to scroll above the first record.

You code the following When-Button-Pressed trigger:

:SYSTEM.mesage_level := \’5\’





MESSAGE (\’This is the first Order\’);

The button works perfectly to return to the first record and display your custom message instead of the system message. However, users report that as they continue to use the form after clicking the button, no longer see other helpful

messages. For example, the message “FRM 40102:

Record must be entered or deleted first” no longer appears when they attempt to scroll past the last record.

How can you resolve this Issue so that all system messages continue to be displayed after the trigger code runs?

A. instead of setting the system message level to 5 in the code, set it to 50.

B. instead of setting the system message level to 5 in the code, set it to 25.

C. Add the line of code just before the end of the loop to reset the system message level.

D. Add a line of code just after the end of the loop to reset the system message level.

E. Instead of setting the system message level in the When-Button-Pressed trigger, use an On- Error trigger to customize the message.

F. Set the system message level in a When-New-Form-Instance trigger, so that all system messages appear except when in the scope of the trigger.

Correct Answer: F

Incorrect answers:

A, B: changing the system message level would not help.

C, D: The line would have to be added after the line MESSAGE (\’This is the first Order\’); in order to work.

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Question 1:

You are using the Configuration Wizard to create a new domain that will consist of a cluster of a of three managed servers along with an instance of WebLogic server acting as HIPT proxy to distribute traffic to the cluster.

Which three steps should you perform with the Configuration Wizard?

A. Create one Cluster.

B. Install Oracle HTTP Server.

C. Create one Coherence server.

D. Create four managed servers.

E. Assign three servers to a cluster.

F. Specify a proxy port tor the administration server.

Correct Answer: ADE

Question 2:

An administrate in your organization says you do not need to back up the domain files on a machine which only managed servers run.

Select the best for this statement.

A. This Is true because the domain files can be re-created with the pack and unpack utilities.

B. This is true (with an exception) because the domain files can be re-created with the pack and unpack utilities. The exception is if your security realm uses the embedded ldap system. Which is not included in the JAR file created by the pack utility.

C. This is true (with an exception) because the domain files can be re-created with the pack and unpack utilities. The exception is for applications that are deployed to the managed server. Those files are not included in the JAR file created by the pack utility. If you back those up manually, then pack and unpack can be used.

D. This is not true. You need to back up the domain files on a machine on which only managed servers run by using operating system commands (such as tar or zip).

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

Which statement is true about stopping Node Manager?

A. If you stop Node Manager, the managed servers it started will also stop.

B. You may kill the Node Manager process by using operating system commands.

C. Using the script so Node Manager stops gradually.

D. Using the administration console, select the appropriate machine and click stop.

E. The administration server goes into ADMIN mode if it can no longer Communicate with Node Manager.

F. The managed servers that Nod Manager started go into ADMIN mode if they can no longer communicate with Node Manager.

Correct Answer: B

Question 4:

Which action should you take to automatically back up the domain configuration when anyone Activates a configuration change?

A. USE the backup=\’true\’ parameter of the ad activate () command In WLST.

B. The administration console , select ” Follow Configuration changes” In the Shared preferences for the console.

C. In the administration console, select “Configuration Archive Enabled” under the general configuration of the domain.

D. Enabling automatic domain configuration creates backups of the configuration during server boot not at each activation.

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

As the technical lead for your project, you have been asked to recommend a new solution to handle frequently increasing loads on your applications. The Weblogic 12.1.2 domain currently runs with two clusters of three servers with request being filtered and passed by a proxy server that users the round -robin algorithm.

However, the load sometimes exceeds the maximum capacity of all these servers combined but your domain lacks in scalability. What is the best implementation solution?

A. Add a third cluster and spread existing server instances across the clusters.

B. Modify the proxy server load balancing algorithm to weight based.

C. Configure dynamic clusters and specify the number of server instances you anticipate at needing at peak load.

D. Tune work managers to optimize work.

E. Replace the software load balancer with a hardware load balancer.

Correct Answer: C

Question 6:

You are using WebLogic Server Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) Instrumentation in a system diagnostic module. The Dye Injection monitor is enabled. You know the diagnostic context ID of the request you are Interested in that was processed by several. You are looking through the messages in the server log file of several.

Which statement is true?

A. You need to look at the Events Data Archive. Server log files do not contain WL DF context IDs

B. You need to look at the Harvested Data Archive. Server log files do not contain WL DF context IDs.

C. You need to look at the domain log file. Only the domain log file contains WL DF context IDs.

D. You can search the server log file for the context ID. Any message that was written to the log IDs during that request will contain the context ID.

E. You need to translate the context ID Into the corresponding transaction ID, which is the only ID in server log file entries.

Correct Answer: A

Question 7:

You are deploying a web application called inventory, war. It has been installed and has the state of “prepared”. It is targeted to the Managed server named managed1.The web application\’ context root is /inventory and the starting page is index .jap.

However ,you want to test the application before allowing end users access to it. In the administration console, you select inventory. war, and then select Start and “servicing only administration request.”

In you web browser, you need to enter a host and port followed by /inventory /index.jap.

Which host and port would you use?

A. managed1 host and port

B. Administration Serve host and port

C. managed1 host and Administration port

D. Administration server host and Administration port

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

You are using the Administration console to monitor a resource.

Which three techniques can you use to customize the monitoring output?

A. Sort the rows by a specific column.

B. Limit the number of rows displayed.

C. Change the order of the displayed columns.

D. Views the rows from a specific time range.

E. Combine (add) multiple columns together.

Correct Answer: ABC

Question 9:

You are working for a software company that mostly dealt with creating and reusing C and.NET objects. There are many COM (Component Object Model) components that have been created over time that provide standardized functionalities. Recently, platform independence has become a major consideration for your organization and you have deployed WebLogic server12c.But you would like to make use of some of your prebuilt COM objects for request processing. You need an interim solution before implementing web services.

Which artifact within WebLogic server helps you achieve your objective?

A. Messaging Bridge

B. IDL Mapper


D. XML Registry

E. COM2 Java

Correct Answer: E

Question 10:

Your server includes an application that users a generic JDBC data source to connect to a database. However, the network connection between the server and the database is not 100% reliable.

Identify two data source attributes that, if set properly can help avoid situations in which the application fails due to a failed JDBC connection.

A. Statement Cache Type

B. Pool Reserve Mode

C. Test Table Name

D. Test Connection Mode

E. Test Connections on Reserve

Correct Answer: CE

Question 11:

You created a shutdown class Myclass that you would like to execute just before server shutdown. Which statement is true regarding Myclass?

A. Myclass can be specified in the Configuration Wizard as a shutdown class.

B. Myclass must be available in the WebLogic server\’s classpath.

C. Myclass can be targeted to only one server instance.

D. Myclass must not have a main method.

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:

You need to take a web application offline.

Which three options are supported In WebLogic Server when you stop a running application?

A. Terminate HTTP sessions immediately.

B. Terminate HTTP sessions after three minutes .

C. Move HTTP sessions to a database.

D. Wait for HTTP sessions to time out.

E. Allow new requests only through the administration port.

F. Move in -progress requests to another server in the cluster.

Correct Answer: ADE

Question 13:

You use a web browser to log in to a application that is deployed to WebLogic server. When you click a link named “publish” on the site, an Access Denied” message appears.

Which two statements are true about this server\’s security configuration?

A. The application is not associated with any security roles.

B. A security realms is not configured in this domain.

C. Your user account has expired.

D. Your user account exists in an authentication provider.

E. A security policy is attached to the “publish” link URL.

Correct Answer: DE

Question 14:

As part of troubleshooting an application, you need to analyze the HTTP session count and the server heap size over the past six hours. You are using the Administration console. You want to view both metrics together and correlate their values.

Which three steps should you take in the Administration console?

A. Create a custom view.

B. Start the JVM Runtime view.

C. Drag each metric onto two charts in the same view.

D. Access the Monitoring Dashboard.

E. Click the application\’s Monitoring tab.

Correct Answer: CDE

Question 15:

An application fails. The exception Indicates that the JDEM data source cannot be found. Identify two possible steps that you can perform to verify the data source\’s availability.

A. Launch the JDBC Diagnostics utility.

B. Verify the Dependencies attribute of the data source.

C. View the target server\’s JNDI tree in the console.

D. Verify that the application and data source have the same target.

Correct Answer: CD

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Question 1:

In an AMX page, you want to hide/show a button based on the mobile device having a camera. Which is a valid EL expression to test for the camera?





Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

You are asked to build an adaptive design into an MAF application. The requirement is to show amultipage wizard for an MAF application functionality when the application runs on a smartphone and a single page layout for the same functionality when the application runs on a tablet.

Which two options allow you to implement this use case?

A. A Feature can have multiple contents (AMX pages, AMX Task Flow, and so on). A content constraint can be defined on the first content to hide when the application runs on a smartphone and to show when it runs on a tablet. This way, thefirst content configured for a Feature holds the single page layout, whereas the second (with no constraints defined) has the multipage wizard function.

B. A Feature LifecycleListener class can be created and configured to load AMX content upon application start. In this case, Java, using the AdfmfContainerUtilities framework helper class, determines the type of device to be smartphone tablet and switches the content.

C. Two MAF Features can be created, one for the single page view and the other for the multipage wizard. Constraints defined on the feature configuration conditionally switch between the two options.

D. Selecting the Enable Adaptive Design check box in themaf-application.xmlfile visual editor allows you to configure constraints on the application level that, upon application start, tell the framework which MAF Features to load when the application is started on a smartphone and which Features to load when the application is started on a tablet.

Correct Answer: BD

Question 3:

Select the three push notification payload keys that a developer can leverage when handling incoming push notifications.

A. Alert

B. Sound

C. Icon

D. Badge

E. Vibration

Correct Answer: BCE

Question 4:

When using MAF\’s integrated device services for taking pictures, the getPicture API includes aqualityparameter with values from 0 to 100. Which option must you be careful about if you are settingqualityto 100?

A. Only PNG-encoded images support aqualityof 100.

B. You cannot constrain the image width and height whenqualityis set to 100.

C. Though 100 is an acceptedqualityvalue in MAF, this will be ignored on Android devices.

D. When taking the picture, some iOS devices may run out of memory.

Correct Answer: B

Question 5:

Service mediation is defined as a(n) _____________.

A. architecture that mediates between the service consumers and one or more service providers in a manner that loosely couples location, interface, data, and security

B. technique that loosely couples programming languages

C. methodology for mediating between interfaces and concrete instances

D. product that automatically provides for abstraction between service consumers and service providers

Correct Answer: B

Question 6:

You and your colleague develop different parts of the same MAF application. He recently joined the company and needs to set up his workstation and devices for debugging. The application needs to be tested on Apple iPads and various Android-powered tablets. Your colleague has been assigned an Apple MacBook Pro as his workstation.

Which three tasks must you perform to ensure that your colleague will be able to debug theapplication on iOS and Android devices?

A. Make sure that the network device access option is enabled in themaf- application.xmlfile.

B. Obtain a debug signing certificate from the Google Play store developer support.

C. Check that the settings in the Mobile Run configuration match those found in thecvm.propertiesfile.

D. Register any Apple device involved in testing and debugging under the appropriate Apple Developer account.

E. Disable USB debugging on all the Android devices involved because this will interfere the IDE\’s debugger.

F. Establish a Bluetooth link between your colleague\’s workstation and the devices.

Correct Answer: ACD test.htm

Question 7:

When the user rotates a mobile device from portrait to landscape, you want the screen layout in your application to change to make use of the rearranged screen real estate. Which two EL expressions would you use to determine the device orientation?

A. #{deviceScope.orientation}

B. #{deviceScope.hardware.screen.width<deviceScope.hardware.screen.height?\'portrait\':\'lan dscape\'}

C. #{deviceScope.hardware.screen.availableWidth <deviceScope.hardware.screen.availableHeight ? \'portrait \':\'landscape\'}

D. #{device.screenWidth < device.screenHeight ?\'portrait\':\'landscape\'}

Correct Answer: BC

Question 8:

Which three mobile application scenarios require programmatic data access?

A. Data that is created or changed in the mobile application must immediately update the remote service on the server.

B. Data read from remote servicesshould be cached on the client for best performance.

C. The mobile application must implement a local read-write strategy in which all data is first read from and written to the mobile client persistent store.

D. Dependent data collections need to be shown on a page in which selecting a row in the parent collection triggers the query and display of remote detail data.

E. For best performance, a user must be able to sort dataqueried from a remote servicelocally in the mobile application.

Correct Answer: ADE

Question 9:

When developing a MAF application for service technicians, you determine that the mobile technician will need to extensively describe the condition of the item he or she is servicing, including the area that is broken and any other pertinent details.

How would you implement this in an MAF application to avoid excessive typing?

A. Use a remote URL page to enable the technician to specify the description in a browser- based page.

B. Use the camera integration feature to allow the technician to take a photo of the serviced item.

C. Use an input text area to allow for multiple lines of text.

D. Use the voice recognition integration feature to allow the technician to enter details by voice.

Correct Answer: D

Question 10:

Which statement is true about the Configuration Service?

A. MAF provides a set of APIs within the oracle.adfmf.config.client.ConfigurationServiceclass that allows you to check for new changes on the server and downloadupdates to an application\’s configuration.

B. The Configuration Service is a custom RESTFul web service that you must implement yourself according to a specification provided by Oracle.

C. When a MAF application is configured to use the Configuration Service, it displays an Oracle-provided dialog at startup where the user must enter a user name, a password, and the URL to theConfiguration Server.

D. The Configuration Server is provided by the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service and cannot be deployed on your own servers.

Correct Answer: A

MAF provides a set of APIs within the oracle.adfmf.config.client.ConfigurationService class that allow to check for new changes on the server and download the updates. You can use these APIs in a Java bean to activate the respective methods through the Configuration Service application feature. web-admin.htm

Question 11:

Select three common functionalities that are enabled when a MAF application is secured with Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutionssuch as Oracle Mobile Security Suite.

A. Discover and download mobile applications from an enterprise app store.

B. Encrypt the local database and files on the device.

C. Display the user ID and password in a log file for debugging purposes.

D. Enforce a data leak protection policy such as disabling copy-paste in the application.

E. Hide UI fields that contain data not authorized by the logged-in user.

Correct Answer: ABD

Question 12:

Which three are valid options to distribute your production MAF applications?

A. applicationmarketplace (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play)

B. download site

C. enterprise application store provided by solutions such as the Oracle Mobile Security Suite

D. through Java Web Start by using the Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP)

E. the Oracle Store (

Correct Answer: ABC

Question 13:

What two features are common for unbounded task flows and bounded task flows in MAF?

A. define managed beans

B. support task flow input and output parameters

C. support task flow return calls

D. basis for an MAF feature

E. define control flow cases between activities

Correct Answer: DE

A MAF AMX page can be referenced in both bounded and unbounded task flows, in which case actions outcomes from both task flows are included in the Action selection list.

Question 14:

Yourcustomer requires that a MAF application must have a feature to return the user\’s current location on a map via the geolocation services. However, you are aware that it is not always possible to guarantee return of the user\’s current location in a mobile application.

Which are two valid reasons that the geolocation services may not be available to your application?

A. Not all devices have GPS services.

B. The user may disable the application\’s privileges to access the GPS.

C. MAF does not support accessing the GPS services on iOS.

D. The GPS cannot be accessed if the device does not have a network connection.

Correct Answer: AB

Question 15:

Which use case describes why you should use theJSONBeanSerializationHelperclass in MAF?

A. Use it as a Java interface to data objects so that they can be serialized to server-side REST services.

B. Use it to parse JSON results to Java data objects and collections.

C. Use it to validate JSON result strings for matching a specific data schema.

D. Use it as an adapter class to access the REST-JSON data control from JAVA (for example, from managed beans).

Correct Answer: B data-controls.htm(7.9.1)

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