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Question 1:

What are the wavelengths of the OSC channel used by the ST2 board?

A. 1510nm

B. 1491nm

C. 1511nm

D. 1471 nm

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

Which of the following functions is added to EX40 compared with X40?

A. Monitors the optical power of a single channel.

B. Supports optical-layer cross-connections.

C. Fewer slots are occupied.

D. More multiplexed and demultiplexed wavelengths

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

Which of the following monitoring boards do not support 1588v2 signal processing and transparent transmission?


B. SC2

C. ST2

D. SC1

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

If the LED indicator value on the SCC board of the OSN 8800 T32 board is 11, which of the following is the subrack ID?

A. Slave subrack 2

B. Slave subrack 1

C. Slave subrack 17

D. Slave subrack 11

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

Dispersion compensation is not required for 40Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s coherent systems because the dispersion tolerance of coherent boards is large. NG WDM products do not support hybrid transmission of non-coherent and coherent networks.

A. True

B. False

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

ESC can also be used at OLA sites.

A. True B. False

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

Which of the following statements about the modulation technologies of the 40Gbit/s and 100Gbit/s coherent systems are correct?

A. The modulation technology used in a 100G coherent system is ePDM-QPSK.

B. The modulation technology used in a 40G coherent system is ePDM-BPSK.

C. The modulation technology used in a 40G coherent system is ePDM-QPSK.

D. The modulation technology used in a 100G coherent system is ePDM-BPSK.

Correct Answer: A

Question 8:

In a WDM system, after a distance of transmission, the OSNR of the signals at the receive end decreases to a certain extend. Which of the following is the main cause?

A. Use of EDFA

B. The fiber attenuation is too large.

C. New optical fiber is not used.

D. Use of Demultiplexer Multiplexer

Correct Answer: B

Question 9:

Which of the following ROADM boards have WSS optical modules? (Choose two.)





Correct Answer: BD

Question 10:

Which of the following statements about Flexible ROADM is incorrect?

A. Improves spectrum utilization and meets the requirements for flexible scheduling in the 100Gbit/s era.

B. Flexible ROADM is compatible with existing networks.

C. The WSMD2 board supports the Flexible ROADM configuration.

D. The Flexible grid technology can flexibly set bandwidth and support flexible bandwidth allocation and scheduling.

Correct Answer: D

Question 11:

Which of the following Optical NE types are defined in U2000?





Correct Answer: A

Question 12:

When creating new NE, which of the following Configuration Mode can be selected?

A. Initialize and Manually Configure NE Data

B. Download

C. Upload

D. Copy NE Data

Correct Answer: D

Question 13:

If OCh trails fail to be created by trail, which are possible causes?

A. There are still alarms that are not cleared on the boards involved in the OCh.

B. The wavelength settings at the source and sink ends are inconsistent.

C. Some fibers are not connected.

D. There is no server trail.

Correct Answer: D

Question 14:

Which of the following trails can be configured on the NMS?



C. client

D. OCh

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

The LOA board can implement the L2 scheduling function of the Ethernet in OSN 1800.

A. True

B. False

Correct Answer: B

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Question 1:

A hospital bought a Huawei OceanStor 9000V100R001C30 storage device for storing business data. According to the relevant laws and regulations, which of the following descriptions of data loss prevention is wrong?:

A. The engineer has set the WORM root directory according to the hospital\’s requirements, and all the subdirectories under this directory have the WORM attribute.

B. During the file protection period, no one can delete the protected file.

C. Protected Documents are Protected for a Period of 70 Years on Huawei OceanStor 9000 Storage Device.

D. WORM log save root, quota and WORM protection period cannot be set.

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

Choose the correct statement regarding the N8000 clustered NAS system that provides file system sharing services, surface VxFS file system, and roll features. (Choose two.)

A. VxFS is a non-log file system that can support more than 2T files.

B. File system snapshot using copy-on-write (copy-on-write technology) and other files together, share partition or volume storage space.

C. Provide file system-level snapshots, copy.

D. File System Snapshots, Scenarios, Replication, etc. Features are based on Storage Checkpoint.

Correct Answer: BC

Question 3:

For SQL Server 2005 and 2008, user can connect to the database engine of a specified server through the SQL Server Management Studio tool. Which kind of connection authentication requires the user ID and password for login while connecting the database through the client application?

A. SQL Server Authentication

B. Windows authentication

C. When login as a super user

D. Others

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

An Engineer installed a OceanStor 9000 for a customer (a total of 5 OceanStor 9000 C Node, front and rear ends are 10GE TOE networking, on-site installation TOE network card). Then connected the signal lines, power lines, and debugged the software. During the installation there were issues. Which of the following description of these issues are correct? (Multiple choice.)

A. 5 devices TOE NIC A0, B1, and A0, B3 inserted into the PCIe slot will not affect the system. Deployment will not affect the network bandwidth, so it cannot be adjusted.

B. The signal cables are long and need to be strapped to the cabinet or placed on the bottom tray.

C. Label NODE 01 A0-0 The signal cable is inserted in the network port A0-1. The signal cable labeled NODE01 B3-1 is inserted in the network position B3-0, due to the same network card two network port peer, you can place the wrong line, you cannot adjust.

D. CE6850 switch connected to two stacked copper cables, one of which is needed to post-cold more cold, because it does not affect the network interoperability. You can base this software debugging.

Correct Answer: BD

Question 5:

A customer deploys a set of OceanStor V3 storage in two cities and adopts asynchronous remote replication networking between the two storage arrays. Which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple choice.)

A. The automatically created Asynchronous Remote Copy snapshot can either be a private quick pick or a public one.

B. In a DR scenario, it is recommended to create a virtual snapshot of the secondary LUN and map it to the host for access.

C. In remote replication link networking, parallel networking is better than crossover networking.

D. The number of LUNs in the consistency group should be as small as possible, and only the LUNs that have write dependencies on the same application are placed in a consistency group.

Correct Answer: CD

Question 6:

In Simpana software, incremental backup means:

A. The data that has changed since the last backup.

B. The data that has been changed since the last full backup.

C. The completion of all data backup.

D. After the initial backup, all data has back up.

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

Which of the following VMWARE virtual machine scenarios can use VADP backup?

A. The storage is connected directly to the virtual machine, including RDMs, directly to iSCSI or NFS.

B. Virtual machines contain large databases.

C. The virtual machine is deployed in the AIX operating system.

D. Virtual machines contain non-Microsoft family applications.

Correct Answer: B

Question 8:

What commands are used for viewing SCSI controller information on Linux systems with Qlogic HBAs?

A. lspci | grep SCSI

B. cat / proc / scsi / scsi

C. cat / proc / scsi / qla2300 / 1 | grep port

D. lspci | grep Ethernet

Correct Answer: ABC

Question 9:

Which of the following copy is supported by OceanStor V3 remote file system?

A. Synchronous and asynchronous replication

B. Simultaneous replication

C. Asynchronous replication

D. support multiple file system consistency replication

Correct Answer: C

Question 10:

A customer needs to create an OLAP backup database for batch importing online database data at night. The database software is SQL Server 2008. The data file size is 20 TB. The storage system is OceanStor V3. The stable write throughput is required to reach 1800 MB/s. Which configuration best meets customer requirements?

A. Use 2 TB NL-SAS disks and configure RAID 6 (8D 2P).

B. Use 2 TB NL-SAS disks and configure RAID 5 (8D 1P).

C. Use 600 GB 15k rpm SAS disks and configure RAID 5 (8D 1P).

D. Use 600 GB 15k rpm SAS disks and configure RAID 10.

Correct Answer: C

Question 11:

An active-active disaster recovery solution configuration needs to be done after the acceptance test. Which of the following acceptance scenarios business should not be affected? (Multiple choice.)

A. Single VIS device failure

B. Single oracle failure

C. A single data center full failure

D. Third-party arbitration array failure

Correct Answer: ABCD

Question 12:

A Simpana client fails to perform a backup. When you view the status of the task, it reported the following error “library, media Agent, Drive pool, Media: mount path is offline: please check if the mount path is online and accessible “.

What may can be the cause of this problem?

A. Client offline

B. Media Services Offline

C. The client cannot resolve the media server host name

D. backup media failure

Correct Answer: D

Question 13:

In a Huawei disaster preparedness plan using production site deployment with an Oracle RAC cluster, to ensure that the disaster recovery database provides normal service should the production site fail, which of the following statements is correct?

A. Disaster recovery end must be deployed, Oracle RAC cluster can not deploy oracle single node.

B. Oracle RAC grid production side of the file must be copied to the disaster recovery side.

C. Unable to copy the production side of the FRA file will be able to guarantee the normal provision of services at the northern end.

D. Production end of the oracle data files and log files can not be placed in the same consistency group.

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

Which of the following information about the InfoEqualizer function of Huawei OceanStor 9000 is correct? (Multiple choice)

A. When using the InfoEqualizer function, you need to configure DNS. If you use an external DNS server, when configuring the DNS server, there is a setting of “reverse lookup zone name”, network ID setting in this tab, you need to input network ID in reverse order.

B. When there is a DNS server in the user network, the DNS server in the user network does not need to configure the forwarding record. When the user network without DNS service server, configure the InfoEqualizer DNS IP address as the DNS server\’s address on the client.

C. The root domain name is the domain name InfoEqualizer configured for the cluster. This domain name must be configured as the fully qualified domain name, that is, the domain name that includes the root node.

D. The domain name of the partition is configured as the relative domain name, and the root domain name of the InfoEqualizer is automatically taken as the suffix of the domain name, and the full name of the domain name is formed with maximum support of 32 partitions.

Correct Answer: BCD

Question 15:

A N8500 (V200R001) clustered NAS system with a set of storage units at the back end. Three RAID Groups, respectively named RG1, RG2, RG3 have been created on the storage unit. There are two LUNs under each RAID group, the

capacity of each LUN is 12G.

The names are RG1-LUN1, RG1-LUN2, RG2-LUN1, RG2-LUN2, RG3-LUN1, RG3-LUN2, and all LUNs are added to one in storage pool. The purpose is to create a file system based on these LUNs. What of the following will certainly create

a failure?

A. fs create striped fs01 10g 3 RG1-LUN1, RG2-LUN1, RG3-LUN1 stripeunit = 2048 blksize = 8192

B. fs create mirrored fs02 10g 2 RG1-LUN2, RG2-LUN2 stripeunit = 2048 blksize = 8192

C. fs create mirrored-stripe fs03 10g 2 2 RG1-LUn1, RG2-LUN1 protection = disk stripeunit = 2048 blksize = 8192

D. fs create striped-miiro fs04 20g 2 3 RG1-LUn1, RG1-LUN2, RG2-LUN1, RG2-LUN2, RG3-LUN1, RG3-LUN2 protection = disk stripeunit = 512 blksize = 1024

Correct Answer: C

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