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Question 1:

A technician creates two virtual disks and assigns a dedicated hot spare to each virtual disk. They also create a global hot spare. A drive fails on the second virtual disk. What is the result?

A. Dedicated hot spare for the virtual disk replaces the failed drive.

B. Global hot spare replaces the failed drive.

C. Copyback operation occurs between the failed drive and the dedicated hot spare.

D. Copyback operation occurs between the failed drive and the global hot spare.

Correct Answer: B

Refe https://www.dell.com/support/article/pk/en/pkbsd1/sln305775/dell-poweredge-how-to-assign-a-hard-drive-in-global-hot-spare-?lang=en

Question 2:

A technician needs to set a server to always attempt PXE boot before booting to the hard drive. What actions does the technician need to take to achieve this?

A. Change the Boot Sequence so the network card is first Remove all boot options except network card

B. Change the Boot Sequence so the network card is first Disable the boot option for the hard drive

C. Set the Legacy Boot Protocol for the network card to PXE Change the Boot Sequence so the network card is first

D. Set the Legacy Boot Protocol for the network card to PXE Select PXE Boot from F11 Boot Manager

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

A technician plugs in a server that has dual power supply units. After powering on the system, they notice that the power supply status indicators blink green then turn off. What troubleshooting steps should the technician take to resolve this issue?

A. Set the power supply redundancy option to `No Redundancy\’

B. Check that the PSUs are not connected to a 240VAC source

C. Update the iDRAC firmware to enable control of new PSU features

D. Check that the PSUs are the same efficiency, feature set, health status, and supported voltage

Correct Answer: D

Reference https://qrl.dell.com/Files/en-us/Html/Manuals/R630/Power indicator codes=GUID-FBD2281B-1608-4FF8-9AFE-4E33BB6FF810=1=en-us=.html

Question 4:

Before deploying a server, a customer needs a technician to configure the front panel LCD to display a custom message that contains the customer\’s help desk phone number. However, the server cannot be rebooted. Where can the technician configure the LCD?

A. Lifecycle Controller

B. iDRAC web GUI

C. System BIOS

D. iSM

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

A technician is experiencing a compatibility issue that causes network disconnects between the iDRAC firmware and an application that is running. The iDRAC must be rolled back to the last working version. The Enterprise licensed server cannot be rebooted outside scheduled maintenance windows. The next scheduled window is one month away. Where should the technician perform the Firmware Rollback?

A. Dell System Update Utility


C. Repository Manager

D. Lifecycle Controller

Correct Answer: D

Reference https://www.google.com/url?sa=tandrct=jandq=andesrc=sandsource=webandcd=5andcad=rjaanduact=8andved=2ahUKEwidt9Hq0p_eAhWkgM4BHbQXDqgQFjAEegQIAhACandurl=http://dwn.alza.cz/manual% 2F13654andusg=AOvVaw0S8LXmDnb17ijrR9uxLlk3

Question 6:

A technician is setting up a previously used server. Upon power up, the PERC alerts them to the presence of a foreign configuration. In the iDRAC storage section, the technician checks Foreign View. The foreign array configuration is the same as the configuration needed for the new project. What is a recommended way to prepare the disks for the new project?

A. Edit the foreign configuration and set it to Ready

B. Import the foreign configuration and perform a full initialization

C. Format the foreign configuration and clear the controller configuration

D. Access the Ctrl R utility, clear the foreign configuration and set up array as needed

Correct Answer: D

Reference https://www.dell.com/community/PowerEdge-HDD-SCSI-RAID/PERC-H310-active-drives-are-listed-in-foreign-config/td-p/6126153

Question 7:

A system administrator needs to install OpenManage Server Administrator on 200 servers. What is the quickest way to meet this requirement?

A. Use the Lifecycle Controller to install OpenManage Server Administrator on each server.

B. Install OME and push OpenManage Server Administrator to all 200 servers.

C. Use Microsoft utilities to automate the deployment of OpenManage Server Administrator.

D. Download OpenManage Server Administrator from Dell.com and install on each server.

Correct Answer: D

Reference https://www.dell.com/support/home/pk/en/pkbsd1/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=r89613

Question 8:

A user has a server with only one processor installed with 6x 32 GB RDIMMs. A technician was asked to install a second processor. After installing the second processor, the technician finds that the second processor is not operational. What should be done to make the second processor operational?

A. The second CPU socket needs to be enabled

B. Logical processing must be enabled in the BIOS

C. The iDRAC license needs to be at either Express or Enterprise levels

D. The RDIMMs need to be moved so that there are three RDIMMs on each CPU

Correct Answer: D

Question 9:

A server is being up as a VMware ESXi host. A technician needs to install the OS on an internal SD card. They install the SD card. However, during OS installation, the SD card is not visible. What should the technician do to fix the issue?

A. Enable the SD card in the BIOS Settings

B. Format the SD card with an EXT3 partition before installation

C. Move the SD card from slot 2 to slot 1

D. Use Lifecycle Controller to install the SD card

Correct Answer: A

Reference https://www.google.com/url?sa=tandrct=jandq=andesrc=sandsource=webandcd=16andcad=rjaanduact=8andved=2ahUKEwjj2eCyj6HeAhWyxYUKHW4sBJYQFjAPegQIAhACandurl=https://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/elections% 2FVotingSystems/DVS-DemocracySuite/documentation% 2FDell_Poweredge_R630_Owner_Manual.pdfandusg=AOvVaw2slkf77AG7CKsMUwdpiwVa

Question 10:

A technician is sent-on-site to troubleshoot a server that reports errors during POST when rebooted. The following error message is displayed: “Correctable memory error rate exceeded for DIMM B4”. The LCD is amber. The server has a limited maintenance window so the technician needs to troubleshoot efficiently. What should the technician do?

A. Swap DIMM with A4 to narrow down the issue

B. Replace DIMM B4 as time is limited

C. Swap DIMM B4 with B2

D. Reseat all memory

Correct Answer: D

Reference https://www.dell.com/community/PowerEdge-Hardware-General/PowerEdge-R720-memory-error-limit-reached/td-p/4411799

Question 11:

A technician needs to deploy a server into production and needs to verify that the firmware levels match corporate policy before putting the server on the business network. Which method is recommended for verifying the firmware version of iDRAC and BIOS?

A. Scroll through the menus on the LCD panel to view the BIOS and iDRAC firmware levels

B. SSH into the iDRAC and run the racadm systemconfig command to view current firmware

C. Use the Lifecycle Controller and navigate to Firmware Update to view current versions

D. Use the OMSA DVD that came with the server to view Current Drivers and Firmware

Correct Answer: C

Question 12:

A PowerEdge R640 server has a failure on one of its onboard NICs and sends an alert to technician support. The assigned technician needs to order a FRU to resolve the issue. What action should the technician take?

A. Replace the system board after first backing up the server profile

B. Order a new NDC and replace the failing NDC

C. Use the iDRAC to reset the NDC to default values then reconfigure. If that fails replace the NDC

D. Order a new NIC port then replace the failing NIC port on the NDC

Correct Answer: D

Question 13:

A user installed OME on a PowerEdge R640 server. OME has discovered and is currently monitoring another 30 remote PowerEdge 14G servers. Each server has the following configuration:

2x CPUs 384 GB RAM 6x 1TB drives in a RAID 6 virtual disk No hot spare drive PERC vFlash iDRAC9 Express license

At 9 PM on Monday evening, one of the remote servers has a disk failure but stays operational. The administrator monitoring OME does not find out about the issue until 5 PM in the following Friday. They place a support call to investigate why OME was not informed about the disk failure before then.

What is the reason for this issue not being reported to OME?

A. Remote servers are not configured with OME as the trap destination address. OME discovered the issue during a routing status check which is configured to run at 5 PM every Friday.

B. OME only updates its alert database at 5 PM every Friday.

C. Remote servers are not configured with OME as the trap destination address. OME was informed of the issue when remote servers sent alerts at 5 PM Friday.

D. Remote servers need to have the iDRAC Enterprise license installed to be able to send alerts.

Correct Answer: D

Question 14:

A technician needs to troubleshoot a server. The OS had been operational, but an untrained person accessed the System Setup utility on the server and now the OS fails to load. The technician reboots the server, selects F2, accesses the System Setup utility, and selects System BIOS.

What two items should the technician verify in the System BIOS settings before reloading the OS?

A. Boot Settings > Boot Option Settings > Boot Sequence Integrated Devices > OS Watchdog Timer

B. Boot Settings > Boot Mode Boot Settings > Boot Option Settings > Boot Sequence

C. Boot Settings > Boot Mode Integrated Devices > OS Watchdog Timer

D. Boot Settings > Boot Mode Device Settings > Boot Sequence

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

A technician is using the iDRAC web GUI to upload a firmware that requires a reboot. They select the update and choose `Apply Update and Reboot Now\’. How could the technician determine the status of the firmware update?

A. Access the System Setup Utility > iDRAC Settings and check the completion status in the Job Queue.

B. Log in to the iDRAC web GUI and check the completion status in the Job Queue.

C. Monitor the iDRAC web interface for an “Updates Completed” message in the iDRAC.

D. Access the Lifecycle Controller > Firmware Updates menu and check the completion status in the Job Queue.

Correct Answer: D

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