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Question 1:

You want to introduce Jira to your small non-profit organization.

Since you are unsure of the optimal deployment option you have gathered some requirements:

You need to manage a team of up to 15 employees.

You need to be able to track a backlog of staff action items.

You want to easily visualize the progress of ongoing work.

The solution must require minimal administration since your organization only has a part-time IT volunteer.

What solution is most appropriate for your organization?

A. Jira Service Desk Cloud

B. Jira Software Data Center

C. Jira Service Desk Data Center

D. Jira Core Server

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

Your Jira has 25,000 active users across the globe using 100 projects with over a million issues.

Another administrator has made a change to a field configuration scheme and you now need to re-index Jira.

What would be the impact of rebuilding the index in the foreground?

A. Issues will take longer to display during the re-index.

B. Database backups cannot be run until the re-indexing is complete.

C. The configuration change will not be applied until re-indexing is complete.

D. Searches using the field may show erroneous results.

E. All users will be locked out of Jira until re-indexing completes.

Correct Answer: C

Question 3:

Jan asked you to create a new Select List custom field called Department for his project MCAS.

You created the field in the morning. In the afternoon, Jan notes that his Jira dashboard is not showing the field correctly. He asks to help him troubleshoot.

View the Exhibit to see Jan\’s entire dashboard.

The first gadget shows 26 issues in the project by Status.

The second gadget shows that there are three issues that have the new Department field set.

The last gadget shows “No Data Available”. The filter query for that gadget is “project=MCAS and Department is empty.”

Why does Jan\’s gadget say “No Data Available”?

A. The field is marked Optional in the Field Configuration.

B. Jan does not have the proper Browse permissions.

C. The field context on the Department field was not set to allow empty values.

D. You created the field Department but did not re-index the MCAS project.

E. The JQL query for the filter is not valid.

F. There is issue security on the issues.

Correct Answer: C

Question 4:

You are moving a workflow from your staging Jira instance to production. On importing the workflow, Jira notifies you that the post-functions will not be imported.

Staging Jira is on version 6.4 and production Jira is on version 6.3.

Why did this happen?

A. The apps installed on staging are not the same as on production.

B. The production and staging instances are using different versions of Jira.

C. You exported the workflow as XML instead of JWB.

D. Custom post-functions are not included in workflow export.

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiracloud/importing-and-exporting-issue-workflows-962965084.html

Question 5:

You have planned, tested, and performed a Jira upgrade.

The upgrade appeared to be a success; however, after several hours of use, your users are reporting significant problems and you decide to roll back.

Which two effects do you expect to see after the rollback? (Choose two.)

A. Emails will automatically be sent out to tell people about the rollback.

B. New issues entered between upgrade and rollback will be lost.

C. The color scheme will be set back to default to indicate there was a rollback.

D. Jira will go back to the same schemes as before the upgrade.

E. Jira will need to be reconnected to other systems it was integrated with.

Correct Answer: DE

Question 6:

Your user directories are configured as shown:

The Active Directory administrators have just started the process of copying all the users from the old Company B directory to Company A directory.

During this process, the group membership is being changed to allow for more fine-grained security control.

A large number of migrated users complain that they do not have the correct new group memberships.

Which configuration change should you perform?

A. Reorder the directories so Company A is before Company B.

B. Enable the Crowd user directory.

C. Reorder the directories so the Jira Internal Directory is listed first.

D. Synchronize the Company A directory.

E. Disable the Company A directory.

F. Disable the Company B directory.

Correct Answer: D

Question 7:

A team is complaining that their Jira project is slow to use. You are able to replicate the slow behavior by viewing and trying to edit one of their issues. Which logging option will help you or a system administrator to diagnose the problem?

A. Use the Log Analyzer to get more information about the issue view process.

B. Configure Jira to record and log the JavaScript execution from the browser console.

C. Set the logging to DEBUG level on all packages causing activity for that issue.

D. Enable profiling globally, so the logs can be inspected for anomalies when viewing the issue.

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/xpack-logs-analysis.html

Question 8:

Max wants you to change the way the system fields Created or Updated are being displayed when viewing an issue. How can this be achieved?

A. Adjust the Day Format in the Jira look and Feel configuration.

B. Adjust the jira.date.time.picker.java.format in the advanced settings configuration.

C. Adjust the jira.date.picker.java.format in the advanced settings configuration.

D. Adjust the Complete Date/Time Format in the Jira Look and Feel configuration.

E. Adjust the language and time zone preferences in Max\’s user profile.

Correct Answer: E

Reference: https://virginpulse.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206180140-The-time-on-my-Max-is-wrong-

Question 9:

Three team members have left the company and their issues need to be re-assigned to various -users.

All of their issues are in the Marketing project which uses the Default Notification Scheme. The scheme has never been updated.

How do you inform the new assignees about their re-assigned issues?

A. Add an announcement banner to the marketing project to inform team members.

B. Perform a single bulk operation to mention all new assignees in a comment.

C. Add an announcement banner to each new assignee\’s dashboard.

D. Perform bulk operations to re-assign the issues and notify the new assignees.

E. Use the Send email feature to inform the individual new assignees.

Correct Answer: C

Question 10:

Managers want to ensure that every issue in Jira always has an assignee. Which change will definitely meet this requirement?

A. Update post functions to set the assignee appropriately at each workflow transition.

B. Set Default Assignee to Project Lead in every project.

C. Use components for automatic assignment in every project.

D. Make the assignee required on workflow transition screens.

E. Make the assignee required through field configurations.

F. Set the global option “Allow unassigned issues” to OFF.

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Answers-Developer-Questions/Conditional-Post-Function/qaq-p/561594

Question 11:

Your company will migrate to Jira. You plan to import with a CSV file. Which fields are required as CSV columns for your import?

A. Project

B. Project, Summary

C. Summary

D. Project, Issue Type

E. Summary, Issue Type

Correct Answer: C

Each CSV file must possess a heading row with a Summary column Reference: https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiraserver/importing-data-from-csv-938847533.html

Question 12:

Sundar\’s development projects are falling behind. He wants to write a JQL query to find issues that meet all three of these criteria:


He is the project lead of the project or the project is DEV.


fixVersion had been set to 4.3 at some point but was later removed.


Issues were created in the first 15 days of this month. The Exhibit shows the JQL query he created.

Which statement about Sundar\’s query is true?

A. The query will not return the right set of issues because the parentheses are wrong.

B. The query will not return the right set of issues because lines 2 and 3 are wrong.

C. The query will return the right set of issues, but it is inefficient.

D. The query is well written and will return the right set of issues.

E. The query is valid, but it will not run without a Jira Marketplace app.

F. The query will not return the right set of issues because line 2 only is wrong.

Correct Answer: E

Question 13:

Beehive Bank wants to implement Jira with the following requirements:

Enforce the strictest possible security measures for user logins.

Allow external users to create their own user logins.

Use the Jira Internal Directory.

Which two login security options can you offer them? (Choose two.)

A. Set Login Mode to Secure.

B. Require character variety for the user name.

C. Require that a password is not too similar to another user\’s password.

D. Require a certain length for passwords.

E. Require that a password is not too similar to the user name or email address.

Correct Answer: AD

Question 14:

You install a new Jira instance using only the default configurations. A team approaches you to set up a project with the following specifications:

There are four standard issue types and three sub-task issue types.

The first sub-task will need a new screen for the Edit operation.

The second sub-task will need new screens for both the Create and Edit operations.

Everything else should use the default configurations.

How many new Screen Schemes do you need to create?

A. 7

B. 4

C. 1

D. 3

E. 2

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

You set up a new project for a team. Soon afterward, users report that a field is missing from one of their screens. You check the screen configuration in the administration panel and you see that the field should be present.

Why can\’t the users see the field?

A. The changes to the screen were not published.

B. The issue operation wasn\’t mapped to a screen.

C. The field context does not include the project and/or issue type.

D. The users don\’t have permission to view that field.

Correct Answer: D

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