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Question 1:

Universal containers(UC) leverages the standard opportunity and opportunity product objects to manage their orders in Salesforce. When a deal is closed, all opportunity information, including products and billing contacts, must be send to their ERP application for order fulfillment. As UC has an “express shipping” guarantee, leadership would like order information sent to ERP as quickly as possible after the deal is closed? How should an Architect fulfill this requirement?

A. Write a nightly batch job to send customer information to ERP.

B. Write a visualforce page to send order information to ERP.

C. Write an opportunity trigger to send order information to ERP.

D. Write an outbound message to send order information to ERP.

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

Universal Containers is building a managed package to distribute on the AppExchange. As part of the solution they would like to include authentication information (username/password) inside of the package for web service calls made from the package Universal containers web services. A Salesforce security review has flagged this as a security violation and the architect must decide how best to protect these credentials. Which two methods should the architect consider in order to protect these credentials? Choose 2 answers

A. Utilize named credentials to store the username/password of the web service end post.

B. Utilize a custom object with an encrypted text field to store the username/password of the web service end point.

C. Utilize protected custom settings to store the username/password of the web service end point.

D. Store the username/password directly in the Apex class that will be obfuscated in the managed package.

Correct Answer: AC

Question 3:

As part of their customer setup process. Universal containers requires that any address put into Salesforce be validated by the US Postal Service. The customer must provide their address while they are on the phone with the Universal Containers representative. What two solutions should a Technical Architect recommend to fulfill this requirement? Choose 2 answers

A. Implement a VisualForce page that validates entered addresses against an API.

B. Write a trigger with an @future callout that validates addresses against an API.

C. Build a custom Address object and a trigger that will validate the address against the object.

D. Leverage an Appexchange application to validate addresses entered.

Correct Answer: AD

Question 4:

Universal Containers has built an integration using the SOAP API to load records from a back-office system into Salesforce. The records created in the back-office system must be loaded into Salesforce in almost real time, so a custommodule was written to identify CRUD events in the back-office system and perform sync with Salesforce. UC has several other systems that integrate with Salesforce through the SOAP API using separate integration users. What is a risk involved with this sort of integration?

A. Too many concurrent sessions

B. Reaching an API call limit.

C. Reaching a logins per Day limit.

D. Too many record-lock errors

Correct Answer: B

Question 5:

Universal Containers is hearing complaints from users that recently released changes arebreaking existing functionality. What type of testing program should a Technical Architect implement to reduce or eliminate this complaint?

A. Performance Testing

B. Unit Testing

C. Regression Testing

C. User Acceptance Testing

Correct Answer: C

Question 6:

Universal containers would like to restrict access to Salesforce to only clients on their network. Which two mechanisms should an Integration Architect utilize to prevent unauthorized clients? Choose 2 answers

A. Configure Login IP Ranges on any profiles used by Integration

B. Use a login flow to validate the IP and request a 2nd factor if incorrect

C. Use a trigger to change the user\’s profile if their IP is not trusted.

D. Enable the “Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated” setting.

Correct Answer: AB

Question 7:

Universal Containers manages a catalog of over one million products that it makes available to its customers. The master product catalog is stored and managed in their ERP application with frequent updates made to the product catalog by their sourcing team. The sourcing team may update attributes such as price, general catalog availability, and the product description. When the sourcing team makes an update that change must go into effect during the next business day and there may be thousands of changes made over the course of the day. What integration pattern would you recommend to best manage this scenario?

A. Write a custom web service to accept product catalog changes from ERP.

B. Use the streaming API to receive product changes in real time from ERP.

C. Write an outbound message to send product changes in real time from ERP.

D. Build a scheduled ETL job to sync products on a nightly basis from ERP.

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

Universal Containers is building an integration between Salesforce and their Accounting system. The integration will utilize outbound messaging with call back pattern to Salesforce. The security officer would like to understand the authentication solution. What are the three ways that the call back can authenticate itself to Salesforce? Choose 3 answers

A. Utilize the Enterprise WSDL login() operation to obtain a new session ID.

B. Utilize an oAuth Username-Password flow to obtain a new oAuth token for the session ID.

C. Utilize the REST API login() operation to obtain a new session ID

D. Utilize the session ID contained within the outbound message notification as the authorization header.

E. Utilize the partner WSDL with oAuth to obtain a valid oAuth token for the session ID.

Correct Answer: ACD

Question 9:

What are the three capabilities of the Bulk API? Choose 3 answers A. process multiple batch jobs asynchronously

B. Process multiple batch jobs synchronously

C. Roll back all transactions within a batch of 10000 records

D. Monitor job status via the API.

E. Monitor job status via the Web UI.

Correct Answer: ADE

Question 10:

Universal Containers would like to integrate Salesforce to their Accounting system. Salesforce must notify the accounting system for every new account that has been created. The security team will not allow Salesforce to integrate directly to the accounting system due to potential security issues. Which three stages should the Architect consider to reduce the security concerns for this Integration use case? Choose 3 answers

A. Terminate the SSL connection at a reverse proxy in the DMZ which establishes trust in the connection using mutual SSL.

B. Enable WS-security for the web services made between Salesforce and the accounting system.

C. Whitelist the Salesforce IP range on the firewall to ensure only Salesforce- originated traffic can penetrate the network.

D. Utilize an Enterprise Service Bus to ensure Accounting system credentials are not stores within Salesforce.

E. Enable platform encryption in the Salesforce org to ensure network communication to the Accounting system is encrypted.

Correct Answer: BDE

Question 11:

Universal Containers has a customer setup process that relies on external database to send customers welcome and registration emails. When a customer contacts Universal containers via phone they need to receive the welcome email shortly following the conversation with the UC representative. Universal containers representatives work exclusively in Salesforce and any new customer contacts are created in Salesforce by the representative. The external database exposes a SOAP API for integration with other applications. What Salesforce technology best fulfills this requirement?

A. Write a nightly batch synchronization to send customer information to the external database.

B. Write an outbound message to send customer Information to an ESB.

C. Write an outbound message to send customer Information to the external database.

D. Write a trigger with an @future method to send customer Information to the external database

Correct Answer: C

Question 12:

Universal containers built an integration using the Bulk API to load records from a legacy system into Salesforce, Parallel option with batch size 1000 was used However, the batches often fail due to “Max CPU time exceeded” errors which could be resolved with a Similar batch size. What are two risks involved with batch sizes that are too small? Choose 2 answers

A. Possibilityof hitting the daily limit for number of batches.

B. possibility of very long bulk job execution times

C. Possibility of failures due to record-locking errors.

D. Possibility of hitting the “Too many concurrent batches” limit.

Correct Answer: BC

Question 13:

Universal Containers is using the enterprise WSDL to integrate their financial system to salesforce, while reading y=the release notes for the upcoming salesforce release the architect discovers a new object will be added to the salesforce data model that would be beneficial for the financial system integration. What two actions should the architect take to ensure the new object will be available to the financial system integration? Choose 2 answers

A. Download the latest enterprise WSDL that contains the new object definition to generate Web service stubs for the new Salesforce object.

B. Download the latest partner WSDL that contains the new object definition to generate web services stubs for the new salesforce object

C. Migrate to the partner WSDL to generate a generic sObject service stub that can be leveraged for existing and future Salesforce objects

D. Migrate to the metadata API to download the new salesforce sObject definition into the financial system integration.

Correct Answer: AD

Question 14:

Universal containers has complex data transformation, error handling and process automation requirements as part of their integration strategy. What technology should an Architect recommend in order to minimize Salesforce code customizations?

A. Data Loader

B. Canvas

C. Process Builder

D. Middleware

Correct Answer: D

Question 15:

Universal Containers wishes to move data between 3 back office systems: ERP, financial and a legacy home-grown shipping system that will be replaced 3 months after integration is scheduled to be complete. What integration pattern should an architect recommend to ensure minimal throwaway code?

A. point-to-point

B. Web Mashup

C. MiddleWare

D. Apex batch Processing

Correct Answer: C

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