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Question 1:

On the RAID management page, the disk status is listed as Initializing.

What does the status Initializing indicate about what the FortiAnalyzer is currently doing?

A. FortiAnalyzer is ensuring that the parity data of a redundant drive is valid

B. FortiAnalyzer is writing data to a newly added hard drive to restore it to an optimal state

C. FortiAnalyzer is writing to all of its hard drives to make the array fault tolerant

D. FortiAnalyzer is functioning normally

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://fortinetweb.s3.amazonaws.com/docs.fortinet.com/v2/attachments/4cb0dce6-dbef-11e9-897700505692583a/FortiAnalyzer-5.6.10-Administration-Guide.pdf (40)

Question 2:

What is the recommended method of expanding disk space on a FortiAnalyzer VM?

A. From the VM host manager, add an additional virtual disk and use the #execute lvm extend command to expand the storage

B. From the VM host manager, expand the size of the existing virtual disk

C. From the VM host manager, expand the size of the existing virtual disk and use the # execute format disk command to reformat the disk

D. From the VM host manager, add an additional virtual disk and rebuild your RAID array

Correct Answer: A


Question 3:

On FortiAnalyzer, what is a wildcard administrator account?

A. An account that permits access to members of an LDAP group

B. An account that allows guest access with read-only privileges

C. An account that requires two-factor authentication

D. An account that validates against any user account on a FortiAuthenticator

Correct Answer: A


Question 4:

Consider the CLI command:

What is the purpose of the command?

A. To add a unique tag to each log to prove that it came from this FortiAnalyzer

B. To add the MD5 hash value and authentication code

C. To add a log file checksum

D. To encrypt log communications

Correct Answer: C


Question 5:

Which statements are true regarding securing communications between FortiAnalyzer and FortiGate with SSL? (Choose two.)

A. SSL is the default setting.

B. SSL communications are auto-negotiated between the two devices.

C. SSL can send logs in real-time only.

D. SSL encryption levels are globally set on FortiAnalyzer.

E. FortiAnalyzer encryption level must be equal to, or higher than, FortiGate.

Correct Answer: AD

Question 6:

You need to upgrade your FortiAnalyzer firmware.

What happens to the logs being sent to FortiAnalyzer from FortiGate during the time FortiAnalyzer is temporarily unavailable?

A. FortiAnalyzer uses log fetching to retrieve the logs when back online

B. FortiGate uses the miglogd process to cache the logs

C. The logfiled process stores logs in offline mode

D. Logs are dropped

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

What statements are true regarding FortiAnalyzer \’s treatment of high availability (HA) dusters? (Choose two)

A. FortiAnalyzer distinguishes different devices by their serial number.

B. FortiAnalyzer receives logs from d devices in a duster.

C. FortiAnalyzer receives bgs only from the primary device in the cluster.

D. FortiAnalyzer only needs to know (he serial number of the primary device in the cluster-it automaticaly discovers the other devices.

Correct Answer: AB

Question 8:

What can you do on FortiAnalyzer to restrict administrative access from specific locations?

A. Configure trusted hosts for that administrator.

B. Enable geo-location services on accessible interface.

C. Configure two-factor authentication with a remote RADIUS server.

D. Configure an ADOM for respective location.

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortigate/6.2.0/hardening-your-fortigate/582009/systemadministrator-best-practices

Question 9:

View the exhibit.

Why is the total quota less than the total system storage?

A. 3.6% of the system storage is already being used.

B. Some space is reserved for system use, such as storage of compression files, upload files, and temporary report files

C. The oftpd process has not archived the logs yet

D. The logfiled process is just estimating the total quota

Correct Answer: B


Question 10:

Which log type does the FortiAnalyzer indicators of compromise feature use to identify infected hosts?

A. Antivirus logs

B. Web filter logs

C. IPS logs

D. Application control logs

Correct Answer: B

Reference: https://help.fortinet.com/fa/faz50hlp/60/6-0-2/Content/ FortiAnalyzer_Admin_Guide/3600_FortiView/0200_Using_FortiView/1200_Compromised_ hosts_page.htm?TocPath=FortiView|Using FortiView|_____6

Question 11:

If you upgrade the FortiAnalyzer firmware, which report element can be affected?

A. Custom datasets

B. Report scheduling

C. Report settings

D. Output profiles

Correct Answer: B


Question 12:

What is the main purpose of using an NTP server on FortiAnalyzer and all of its registered devices?

A. Log correlation

B. Host name resolution

C. Log collection

D. Real-time forwarding

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

Which statement is true regarding Macros on FortiAnalyzer?

A. Macros are ADOM specific and each ADOM will have unique macros relevant to that ADOM.

B. Macros are supported only on the FortiGate ADOM.

C. Macros are useful in generating excel log files automatically based on the reports settings.

D. Macros are predefined templates for reports and cannot be customized.

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://docs2.fortinet.com/document/fortianalyzer/6.2.3/administration-guide/617380/creatingmacros

Question 14:

What happens when a log file saved on FortiAnalyzer disks reaches the size specified in the device log settings?

A. The log file is stored as a raw log and is available for analytic support.

B. The log file rolls over and is archived.

C. The log file is purged from the database.

D. The log file is overwritten.

Correct Answer: B

Reference: https://fortinetweb.s3.amazonaws.com/docs.fortinet.com/v2/attachments/6d9f8fb5-6cf4-11e9-81a400505692583a/FortiAnalyzer-6.0.5-Administration-Guide.pdf https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortianalyzer/6.2.5/administration-guide/355632/log-browse

Question 15:

What FortiView tool can you use to automatically build a dataset and chart based on a filtered search result?

A. Chart Builder

B. Export to Report Chart

C. Dataset Library

D. Custom View

Correct Answer: A


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